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Employee Financial Wellness

Help your employees to manage their pay - their way

MyPay is a technology solution that let’s employees control when they get paid. Through our innovative technology, employers can empower their employees to meet financial goals and pay bills on time. Employees who are relieved of financial stress stay longer, work better and help keep recruitment costs down.

Your employer cares about your financial well-being

How does MyPay work?

After your employer has run the monthly payroll and before they send the money to your bank, you can specify how you would like to split your pay so you don’t receive it all at the same time.

When do I get my money?
Your money will be automatically transferred to your account in accordance with the pay schedule you have set in MyPay.
Can I change my pay schedule?
Yes, you can have a different pay schedule every month, or not at all – it’s up to you.
How much does it cost?
Your employer pays for the service.


MyPay is a financial wellness app for employees.

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